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:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: Artist of the Month - October 2015: :iconnocturneon: (JessiJaguar) :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:

Nickname: Neon/Aponi

Username: JessiJaguar

Location: Somewhere in the universe

1.How long have you been on Deviantart?

About a year.

2.What is your specialty? (Traditional, Digital,Photography, etc.)

I mostly do 3D art and photography.

3.What influenced your work?

I don't really have an inspiration for most of my work. I just make what comes out of my head.

4.On Deviantart, who is your favourite artist?


5.Would you or are you pursuing art as a career?

No. It's more of a hobby for me, but I suppose it would be possible for me to pursue it as a career.

6.What music do you listen to when you work? (If you do)

 J-Pop, anime soundtracks, electronic music, and heavy metal.

7.How many pageviews on your DA account do you have?

At the time of writing, 1918.

8.Have any social media accounts? List them below with links.

JessiJaguar's best work:

A Chance Encounter with the Neighbours by Nocturneon
Lycoris Radiata by Nocturneon
Wonder of the Forest Floor by Nocturneon

JessiJaguar's oldest work:

Meaning of the Fabiform by Nocturneon

Remember to give JessiJaguar a watch and check out her beautiful artwork! And if you did not get featured in this month's feature do not be discouraged! You can always try next month and also participate in our other features/events! 

 October 2015 Feature:

October 2015 FeatureHello everyone! :wave: October's over which means it's time for the monthly feature! We have a lot of great entries. So let's get started! :nod:
:bulletblue: FAN ART :bulletblue:

Into the Sky by cottoncritterDevil of a Butler by SuixereDragons to Dragon Knights: Elliot by VoltageStudiosKanda Yuu by raposavykHappy Birthday, Minako Aino! by IlleCapello
:bulletred: TRADITIONAL ART :bulletred:
Berliner Dom by LaurlolzDrahmin Alternate Costume by Antichrist2005She's got a galaxy on her mind by Sparr0wliciousYamata no Orochi vs Susanoo by uchihajakeWoman by DPasschier
Little Beasty by AlulaDreamsArtThe Wolf and her Raven by Inky-ShadeUnnamed Alleyway by ToyonaNeedle of Death by ObelisBlack Cats by fireytika
Self-creation ink by AquaVarinBoss battle by Black-Rose-92My World by not-important-at-allLes Femmes Du Roi (Noir Version) by djdessssinFlower Fox Love by Kekreations
Inktober Day 12: Little Woodland Beauty by aviagua

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November 2, 2015


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