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Hey guys! :wave:

So I just saw we have reached over 100 members for this group! :happybounce: :party: :wow: I'm really glad more and more people are joining this group and I hope we can continue to grow a community here in FeatureMeArtists. :nod:

With that being said I want to celebrate this milestone by adding a new feature/contest to this group. I have one idea that I am working on and I will be announcing it within the next few days, but if anyone has any suggestions you are welcomed to say so in the comments below! :)

For now we will be doing a random draw 1 entry from every folder in our group (except the 7 day event folders) and showcase them in this journal to celebrate! :D

:bulletred: *All selections were made by using to choose the page and entry numbers. I also want to clarify that the "1st" page of each folder will be the last number it shows. For example: If one folder has 7 pages listed, the 7th page will be counted as the first because that page has the first couple entries on it. The same goes for the order on that page, whatever is the last entry on that page is considered the 1st one on that page.

:bulletyellow: Fan Art :bulletyellow:
(We selected the 4th page of this folder and the 3 entry on that page)

:iconaj-art89: Aj-art89's Guild Wars 2 - Skydis
Guild Wars 2 - Skydis by aj-art89

:bulletred: 3D Art :bulletred:
(We have selected the 7th entry on that page *excluding my artwork)

:iconciullo-corporation: Ciullo-Corporation's Anatomical Sections
Anatomical Sections - Head by Ciullo-Corporation

:bulletpink:: Traditional Art :bulletpink:
(We have selected the 6th page of this folder and the 9th entry on that page)

:iconkloganart: KLoganArt's Nancy from The Craft
Nancy from The Craft by KLoganArt

:bulletblack: Digital Art :bulletblack:
(We have selected the 2nd page of this folder and the 10th entry on that page)

:iconlynasheet: Lynashi's Arth and Drake: Rooftop

:bulletblue: Animation :bulletblue:
(We have selected the 4th entry on that page)

:iconchartokai: Chartokai's What it feels like!
What art feels like! by Chartokai

:bulletorange: Literature :bulletorange:
(We have selected the 8th entry of that folder)

:iconthehobbitart: Thehobbitart's Heart of Courage
Heart of CourageChapter 1
It was nearly dark. And it was cold so bitterly cold. Fili’s breath froze the night air. They were not supposed to be out. Dis had warned them that strange animals were abroad. But being little mischievous boys, they went anyway. Kili was struggling alongside him as they plodded through the white landscape.
“Yes Kee?
“Don’t you think we should go home? Mum will be worried.”
“Why not?”
“Because we can take care of ourselves.”
Kili didn’t think that was true. How could two very young, very inexperienced dwarves take care of them-selves? But he didn’t say anything. He was so cold and tired. His boots kept going CRUNCH CRUNCH into the snow.
“Can we stop Fee? I’m so tired.”
Kili immediately stopped and sat on a rock he had spied.
“What are we even going to eat?”
“I brought some water and some biscuits.” Fili replied

:bulletpurple:Photography :bulletpurple:
(We have selected the 8th entry of that folder)

:iconolseawolf: OlSeaWolf's Loch Defenses
Loch Defenses by OlSeaWolf

:bulletgreen: Photo Manipulation :bulletgreen:
(We have selected the 3rd entry of that folder)

:iconlilbitdeadly: Lilbitdeadly's Hold your head up princess, Your tiara is falling
Hold your head up princess, Your tiara is falling  by Lilbitdeadly

:bulletwhite:Cosplay :bulletwhite:
(We have selected the 2nd entry for that page)

:iconthehobbitart: TheHobbitArt's The Ring of Throin Oakenshield
The Ring of Thorin Oakenshield by TheHobbitArt

:bulletred: Promotion Folder :bulletred:
(We have selected the 5th entry of that folder)

:iconsobohrami: SobohRami's Important Journal! Time to get active again
Important journal ! Time to get active again !Well, long time since I wrote a journal about my work or well, about anything but I am considering in starting a new personal journal , like a blog or maybe something like a blog where every week I will write a couple of pages of a new book i'm considering in writing but right now i'm struggling with my laptop. I bought it like 3 months ago and my video card burned so I have lots of lines on my screen and it will be hard to be productive but I will do my best.
Let's make this a little simpler. With voting and opinions and stuff from you guys.
Ok so here are some projects that I started and never finished or considering to start and you guys tell me what you would like to see from me in the future (time to get active in the DA community again).
- Personal blog where I will write about life related subjects (for example : Food, Religion, Art, Events etc...)
- Blog where I will start writing a book and update a couple of pages every week. (the theme will be New World Order, with a worl

:bulletred: Admins :bulletred:

:iconxlshinnasakuralx: :iconyoh001:              
The Asakura Chronicles - Stark by xlShinnAsakuralx Gorgon by yoh001

:iconbilliski: :iconsushi-me:
You with the glowing eyes by Billiski Leilah by sushi-me

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson by JessTheNoob

Thank you everyone who has joined this group and participated in our features and events. I hope we can make this group better and help everyone out with their artwork! Until our next milestone!! :heart:
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LYNASHEET Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

And congrats for the group achievements! :D
Ciullo-Corporation Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Professional General Artist
Wow, that's was a lucky selection!
Lilbitdeadly Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you guys for the feature :D
aj-art89 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the feature!!
Chartokai Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Professional General Artist
Awesome! Thanks for the feature plus it stands out a lot being the only animation.
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